For three days in September, the music will come to the mountain.

The best, those who have written the hits, the songs you know, will come to the town where Doc Watson never leaves the corner of King and Depot, where if you listen, really listen, you can hear him play.

Antlers and Acorns: The Boone Songwriters Festival brings together the wordsmiths, the weavers of chords and sharps and flats, the storytellers, the prophets, the liars. The town itself is the venue, the bars and restaurants and cafes and theatre the stage. Fans of words and music will walk the streets from one welcoming door to the next to hear their favorite singer/songwriter tell the stories of their songs, where they came from, where they went. It’s an intimate encounter, a weekend in the mountains, a walk in the woods.

From Thursday night’s screening of the Guy Clark documentary Without Getting Killed or Caught and a show with Guy’s friends and protégés, to Friday Night’s Welcome at Booneshine Brewery, through the Saturday Stroll, to the Songwriter Spotlight at Appalachian Theatre tourists will discover, students will learn, and locals will be reminded why the Blue Ridge Mountains are a sacred place, a source of inspiration, a home for creativity. They’ll stop for ice cream and an App State t-shirt, dine at our impressive restaurants, and shop in the stores found only in Boone. Hotels will be filled right before leaf season when the town is still surrounded in greens and blues, and sweaters are needed when the sun dips below the ridge line.

And the stories and songs will sing the trees to sleep for the winter.